Thursday, September 18, 2014

Points to Ponder ~ The Art of Manifesting

Anita NewsletterWe all come into this life with Challenges that Soul wants to work on, learn from and over come. These challenges sometimes seem beyond our ability but as they say, we are only given what we are able to become ONE with.

Long time readers of our newsletter may remember I have been 'trying' many approaches to get a tumor to drain on my leg for 10 years.

Keep in mind that I am the Medical Intuitive that 1000's have come to for solutions for their health issues with success. One thing for sure Soul has kept my Ego in check as I work through MY stuff.

It has been a long journey and a very drama/trauma journey as well and yet it has been the most rewarding experience and the scariest experience of my life...but as the saying goes..if it does not kill you it will make you stronger and that has been the case for me.

So just as a recap a few years back I started to get aggressive with some herbal formulas and since then have spent much time and resources on every thing I heard that might address this growing tumor.  As I Hated This 'Thing', (even though it was part of me and had a lesson), it continued to grow and grow and I allowed it to consume my every thought through the entire day.

Well true to my eagerness to accomplish this herculean task on my own I recently heard of and tried another aggressive yet natural approach...well that did not work out well for me.

Long story short, the tumor erupted and I lost a lot of blood. 
911 was called and my real journey began. 

Skipping all the gory details and instead share my experience that has changed my perspective in life, my attitude and even the meaning of life for me.

It did include having a few near death experiences and 2 major surgeries with two weeks in critical care.

Then a one month recovery in bed and wheel chair with total dependence on Tom to help with everything I could do....I truly had time to realize the goodness of life.

It was for the first time in my life was in a state of total TRUST
SURRENDER and FAITH as I turned myself over to the Divine in a way I had never realized. 
When I did this I instantly felt appreciation for every single person encountered during my leg journey. 

I must have said THANK YOU every 5 minutes that I was awake to everyone who did any procedure on me. 

Even during the most painful ones, which I will again spare you those details but it was a extremely painful stay in the hospital, I never lost my appreciation to all the ANGELS disguised as Surgeons and nurses and all their assistance as well as the girl who cleaned my room and changed my bed while I am strapped to all kinds of machines. 

My appreciation every day and every hour grew with so much love for every person that came into my room. 

I learned that by my genuine appreciation of the process kept me getting the very best care. Anything I needed, when I needed it, was simply there. 

Manifesting is so easy when you are in the moment with Trust, Faith and Surrender to life. 
I viewed it ALL ways as this amazing experience. Never questioning any part of the journey, never crying from the pain, never asking GOD ..WHY ME.  It simply was. 
Even when Tom took me home from the hospital I continued to manifest whatever was in the highest and best. 

I had this epiphany that when you are in a perpetual state of Trust, Faith and Surrender and add to that Appreciation for absolutely every experience and just stop labeling anything in your life as positive or negative, it just simply is, and get the wisdom and growth from your daily life interactions and more goodness just comes your way. 
The Angels and the Divine are waiting for your surrender so they can bring to you all that your meant to have on this trip to Planet Earth, let them bless you. 

When you get out of the way
and Stop Directing
Stop Controlling
even Stop Expecting life
and the details of life to go according to your plan
you get unexpected treasures dropped in your life. 

Life can be about the beauty and the goodness that is all around you if you choose to look in that direction. 

Struggle is self imposed
Intimately I learned this because I struggled with this leg thing for ten years and I did not need to....I chose that path, but you know what it got me here.  And I am in a great place, I have all the peace and happiness now in my world that is genuine and lasting and honestly has been very fleeting in my past. 

What you need will arrive at the very best time, just let go of plans and live in a state of appreciation for today you have all that you need. 
If you think you need more, just lie down and nap and it will pass   


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Points to Ponder The Insights of the 'Tao Te Ching'

Anita Newsletter The 'Tao Te Ching' has given me much to ponder over the years as I have been studying it's beauty and simplicity.

While I have many favorite tenets of the Tao, there is one in specific that caught my attention in my beginning studies of Feng Shui.
I would like to share this with you and invite you to hold these principles with you for a few weeks and just observe the wisdom of simplicity in your life.
"Thirty spokes on a cart wheel. . . . Go towards the hub that is the center. . . . but look, there is nothing at the center. . . . and that is precisely why it works. . . .

If you mold a cup. . . . you have to make it hollow. . . . It is the emptiness within it that makes it useful. . . .
In a house or room. . . . it is the empty spaces. . . . the doors, the windows. . . . that make it useable. . . .

They all use what they are made of. . . . to do what they do. . . . but without their nothingness. . . . they would be nothing."
I fell in love with the Tao when I read this, it was so simple and profound that it reminded me of the serene empty mind that is so needed to be effective.
We get so entangled in our worlds and with technology and relationships that we loose the essence of our nature.

It is our nothingness that is our true treasure.

To be without agenda and control and return to the inner sanctuary of peace and stillness so that we may remember our usefulness.

Without recognizing these empty spaces and realizing that it is the emptiness that creates the fullness.
To simply allow yourself to be still 5 minutes a day and connect with your original essence, that is all knowing and all loving.

Take time daily, for quiet acceptance of who you are and the joy of being here.
Your Spirit resides in the empty spaces of your life. . . . when we keep busy with to do lists, careers, relationships and agendas, we loose our connection to our true nature, a Spirit that is part of all of creation and simultaneously nowhere at all.
Put value on the nothingness of life and appreciate this simple philosophy of recognizing it is the emptiness of a cup that gives it purpose.
I hope you find the simplicity of this as beneficial as I have.

As Tom always says....Do Less and BE MORE
In Joy. . . . Anita

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Points to Ponder ~ Everyday Miracles That Can Enrich Your Life

In the search for Life's GREAT experiences we are apt to overlook the little, everyday miracles which can tremendously enrich our lives if only we are aware of them.

Miracle 1
Discover the conscious awareness of your mind, body, and spirit in any given moment.

Stop for at least 10 minutes a day and concentrate on yourself and the amazing powers that you possess.
We are all individual instruments of the DIVINE and therefore have no less ability than the original source that we call GOD. You are GOD in the flesh and the power of creation resides within your mind, body, and spirit.

Acknowledge yourself as the Mighty Creator that you are and create a wonderful joyous day.

Miracle 2
The I Am Consciousness is your true spiritual identity.
It accepts no limitations and no restrictions to your miracle powers and your achievements. Descartes said "I think therefore I AM". Your thoughts are your creation.

The world around you is a direct reflection of where and what your thoughts have been on.

Let the I AM Consciousness that you are creating from be filled with Love, Generosity, Kindness and Reverence.

Express your Divinity in words that have the creative life spark
such as
  • I Am healthy
  • I AM peaceful
  • I AM Wise
  • I AM Prosperous
  • I AM Love

Now watch how your life begins to reflect now your new conscious dialogue.

The I AM Spirit represents your awareness that the Spirit of GOD is within and by accepting this as your truth you will set into motion the miracle working powers of your higher mind.

Miracle 3

You are here to Imagine and Create, to image yourself in many ways.

This is our most precious gift for we can build or become anything that we can image.

Hold in your minds eye the image you wish for yourself and know that simply by the power of thought and this visual that you have for yourself that the almighty higher mind of the I AM is at work creating that which you hold in view for yourself.
Imagination is at the core of all of mans greatest accomplishments that we can see all around us. The Great Pyramids. The Parthenon of Greece. The Great Wall of China. Flight to the Moon. The Internet and so on. Imagination is our miracle worker.
Use your creative powers in a new way daily in the small details of life and build your imagination muscles

All of Life is a Miracle ~ Create the Miracle you Choose Today

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wisdom Of The Ancients ~ THE LIST

Ah, the list.
This is the very dimension that humans have been getting lost in for eons.
The very paradigm that elicits control and being controlled.

Each one feels that in order to validate themselves to the other they must have an outwards expression of success.

A completion of a list that never ends.

For the very list is a representation of one’s disconnect from their spiritual body and thus a disconnect from their spiritual purpose.

Humans feel a strong need to see and create accomplishments outside of themselves. A need of accomplishment to compensate for the feeling of a great loss of one’s true self.  

The only true reason for being human is to better understand your spiritual purpose.  

You have been given the physical world to play within, to mirror yourself and heal your fragmentations and spiritual wounds.  

Your human body is a barometer of your spiritual body and your over all balance.  

Understand the language of the body’s illnesses and aches.

Your spirit is signaling you through your body for balance and integration.
This continual plea for integration has been with you since man first arrived.

Man arrived and immediate the list kicked in.  

From the very beginning, days have been full of survival and protection for preparation for tomorrow and the next season.

So this list is in the genes, and so it is has been passed down since the original man.

Still today a survival and preparation agenda that the humans find themselves trapped in. Never leaving the collective long enough to under understand their spiritual nature.  

Trust is the key, the escape hatch to get back to your souls’ mansion where you can truly see and experience who you really are. Your God Self  

You know this on a deeper soul level.  

When there is blind faith in your God Self and forward movement there is also miracles.
Set aside your mind, your self-judgment, and the judgment of others.  

Allow your soul to flow through you.  

Your commitment to this process is the ladder out of the hole you perceive yourself in.  

Leading you back to your soul and your soul's purpose and a life with less of a list and a lot more of love.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Overcoming Fears and Anxiety ~ A Third Eye Exercise

My Guides gave me this exercise many years ago and it truly helped me with some fears and anxiety I was having at that time.  I was just reminded by them about this helpful and productive exercise to share with you which is a great way to start the new year.
Let's talk first about what creates fear, anxiety, depression or any low vibration that keeps you from manifesting all of your desires in life. 

Fear, anxiety, depression stems from the clutter in the subconscious. 

This clutter includes past wounds, trauma and beliefs that have gone unresolved as well as emotional wounds, trauma and unresolved challenges. 

These can be from this life or perhaps even from past lives.

According to Dr Freud, you developed your core belief systems  between the ages of one to seven.  As a child, in the first 7 years, we observe our environment and all the people we were surrounded by and we unconsciously developed our beliefs as truth based on these perceptions about life, relationships, love, money, work, God, and dozens of other things which is now stored deeply embedded in your sub conscious. 

Your observed belief systems may not be your Truth of who you are today and may be  keeping from your highest potential of healing and manifesting. 
On top off all of that we all have Archetypes which are meant to teach us lessons which can trigger confusion until we understand them and then let them go.
For example I had a client who had many lifetimes of experiencing the Archetype of The Hermit. In this life, unaware of the energy of the hermit, her question to me was 'Why have I not been able to manifest a relationship in the past 20 years'?  Well as you can very well guess the Hermit energy surrounding her Auric field is not appropriate for a relationship to manifest. Once she understood this Archetype and the lessons around it she was able to become available for a true relationship to take place.
This is a great exercise for opening your third eye. 
(give yourself about 30 minutes of uninterrupted time)

Close your eyes
Picture in your mind's eye a beautiful area
of green grass and a sparkling pond
See yourself walking towards and sit beside the pond 

Take in the beauty of all around you
  the trees, wildflowers, the blue sky
       Feel the sun on your face
The pond you are sitting by is your subconscious and water represents that which is buried in you consciousness.
With your pen and paper in front of you both physical and in your mind's eye ask the questions you most want to get insight into on or why you are not getting your desired results.
Example: Why am I in financial challenge so often? 

What will happen is information will begin to come out of the pond in the form of words, beliefs, memories, past life visuals or memories. 

Information about what is buried within you will surface
As they do, and this is most important part, do not give them excuses or questions or any dialogue other than a sincere feeling of gratitude and appreciation.
For your buried story, or treasure is a better term, is being told. 

Every cell simply wants to tell the story and truth it is holding for you. 
To tap you into your wisdom and knowledge about who you are on this spiritual journey as a human. 

Your body has all the information you need to grow into your powers of manifestation and having the life of your wildest desires.

It is your birthright, but what is covering your light and power it is all there in the pond beside you.
Once your cells have given you what secrets/treasures/stories they have been holding they are free to leave and you will regain your light and joy and move on to your life goals.
See the story just dissipate into the sky above you.

This is truly the highest spiritual purpose that all humans share in common. To reconnect to your original higher self and feel connected to The One that we all are.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wisdom of the Body~ Gee I’m Glad I Caught A Cold!

Cabos Catus (This is a reprint of a 2006 Cold Message Anita Received)
Quite recently I was blessed with one heck of a cold.
While this is usually a "bad" thing to most of us, to me it is my teacher. 

I have learned from the human body that all manifestations are vehicles of information. 
Not only does the body, by catching a cold have valuable information, but the cold itself has an intelligence and a healing opportunity for me to enjoy. 

Let us think of "The cold season" in a way that is transforming and healing instead of sick, I say WooHoo bring on the wisdom of the cold.
My healing opportunity has brought an entirely different perspective on the way I look at dis-ease. 

In my process, I had congestion in my lungs bringing about lots of coughing and eventually losing my voice for 4 days.  As I dialoged with this occurrence I found some deep seated fears that were being kept snug and deep in my liver and Kidneys.

Who would of thought that a respiratory condition would be triggered by fears in my Digestion and Urinary systems, but there it was coming to the surface with a fury.  I honor my times of breakdown of the body because I can sit with myself and truly explore "my stuff". As I did this, deeper layers began to unravel and changes in my life started rapidly occurring bringing about an AH HAA kind of effect that I would like to share with you.
The incredible human anatomy is always in dialogue with us, we have approx. 30 trillion cells that are all speaking to us in every moment.

We have the ability to listen to their message, our true self, if only we "ALLOW".

As I did just that, two things came about.
First, I honored the cold as being my guide and friend that was ushering to the surface wisdom, in this case in the way of deep seated fears. 
Secondly, I honored the fears as being a wise council and sage, knowing that these fears were serving my highest good.
I have noticed that when all events are considered good and worthy and are validated as important, that the wisdom of their message can be understood.
The event of this cold brought with it the wisdom that I had a fear of judgement.
The cold allowed it to come to the surface and even release itself because I took the time to honor it's role in my life and actually many lifetimes, I began to understand how the fear had been serving and protecting me.

I also began to understand that I consciously then could transmute that energy into a different role and dialogue. 

Keeping healthy is a balancing act and the greatest balance I have learned is that wisdom lies all around us and through us. 
All "things" found in nature including diseases of all sorts have information that will lead us into a higher awareness and knowing of ourselves.  From this awareness then we begin to wake up to our true nature and power of being God in a miniature version. 

My journey with the common cold has led me to begin dialogue with the "Wisdom Behind All Disease" 
The common cold has taught me about releasing Grief, and man was that all powerful.  The more I allowed the cold to speak to me about my grief, the more I connected with the mass collective grief

So I encourage you to honor a cold if it comes as a valuable healing opportunity. To take on the serious and happy business of hearing it's message, of releasing grief.

To do so in a natural way without the interference of medicine if possible. I myself assisted the body's needs by 4000 mgs of vitamin C, and 3 tablets of oil of oregano daily and found the release quite tolerable and informative. 

Also I have found that tree essences work best

For addressing the Grief

RESPIRATORY Body Synergy Essence

To let go of the holding on

DIGESTIVE / INTESTINAL Combined Body Synergy Essence

To let go of Guilt and Frustration

URINARY Body Synergy Essence

Ask your body what it needs and pay attention to what it is telling you.
Colds are a good thing! It clears the unshed tears of grief that we have been holding onto all our life.  The congestion and phlegm are simply coagulated tears. So sneeze and cough away to more joy and health.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wisdom Of The Ancients ~ Expectations

(The following was channeled through Anita from her Teachers....)  


We often expect much from those in our lives.  
Why is it that we often feel let down?

- Expectations are a projection of what you what to see and accomplish within yourself. 

The twist here is that universal law states that you can only receive from others what you willing to give yourself first.

When you come into relationships with fixed expectations, you come wanting to control the outcome.

You have expectations within the relationship because of your wanting the other person
to love you more than you are loving yourself to be more generous than you currently are with yourself.  

The bottom line is, you are looking to be understood better than you can understand yourself.

Often people set themselves up for failure because they are looking outside for what they desire to experience within themselves.  

You must first give away what you desire to receive. 
Start by giving that what you desire to yourself first. 
Treat yourself as you would your best friend. 

Your lover. 

Give to yourself the unconditional love  
you so desire to have others give to you.  
Love, true love, starts within. 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Point to Ponder....Your Weekly Stretching Exercise

Here is a fun little test to  


1. Do you spend 1 hour a day educating yourself on higher thoughts?
2. Do you recognize and appreciate when you see 'acts of faith' or kindness?
3. Do you read books that elevate and inspire your souls purpose?
4. Do you seek friends who promote the positive and act from love and grace?
5. Do you keep your home neat, clean and orderly>
6. Are you utilizing what you already know?
7. Do you spend time in the practice or place that nourishes and engages your soul?  
8. Do you daily strive to understand yourself?
9. Do you spend time every day in meditation and contemplation on non-action?  
10.Do you see the gift that all events and emotional interchanges have to teach you?

Only YOU know how well you really are doing.  
Life is Good